Another article on the Escapist! If you’re here for the first time, welcome! If you’re here because you’re looking for a new episode, check back this weekend! Geneva was eaten by school work, but I’ve made a pact with some sort of time elemental that should give us a few hours to record and get a new one up. Stay tuned!

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Harrassed by Gremlins

I’ve always hated the “no, there’s a reason we didn’t update when we said we would!” posts, but I do feel obligated to make one here.

Since my last post, Geneva and I overcame the flu. Unfortunately, after that Geneva had midterms (3 in one day, ouch) followed by a week-long Spring Break trip. Once she got back, we were excited about the prospect of podcasting again and even had our next topic planned and lined up. Unfortunately, my desktop hard drive killed over, which was sadly the boot drive with the operating system on it. Hopefully my backup drive (which started making horrible noises the exact same day) isn’t fried, but in the meanwhiles I have no computer to record on. I’ve ordered a replacement hard drive and hope to have everything set up again, but this means we won’t likely be able to record before next weekend.

Sorry about the whiny post; we’re going to make it up to you with a few episodes once things are moving again. We’ve still been planning topics, so it should be a quick multi-post.

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This fever of mine burns with an awesome power!

It tells me to infect you!

Sorry about the lack of updates lately; we’ve both had the flu and haven’t been in podcasting condition for the last week or so. We should be recording a new episode within a week, so make sure you check back!

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Flavor Text Podcast 005 – Otaku no Generation

William and Geneva came across an article encouraging younger fans disatisfied with the current season of anime to dig into the past and enjoy what came before. This prompted a discussion between the two hosts that led the two of them to conclude that fans of different generations approach the hobby and its fans very differently. This episode is pretty meta, but it’s a great listen for new fans and veterans alike. Required listening for anyone trying to understand the fans that came before them or came late to the party.

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I’m on Escapist!

If you’ve got a moment, check out Digital Serendipity on Escapist Magazine! It’s the first thing I’ve published on a nerd site in a while, so I’m eager for feedback. More on the article and writing in general in the upcoming Flavor Text Podcast episode 5!

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Flavor Text Podcast 004 – Nerding on a Budget

This week, we discuss how to get the most out of your hobbies without breaking the bank. We cover topics ranging from books and DVDs to cosplay and conventions. Best of all, we provide you with the resources that can directly save you money without actually taking on any sponsorship!

Note: We’re still toying around with the audio setup. This go around, Geneva’s volume was a little high, so she may sound slightly off. Hopefully you’ll still enjoy the episode and we’ll make a point of working out the audio by the next episode!

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We’re still alive!

We’re back from a really busy bundle of months and we’re going to try to get out a podcast each week, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out episode 3 and let us know if you can hear the difference in the audio quality.

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Flavor Text Podcast 003 – DragonCon Catchup

William and Geneva return after an unexpectedly long downtime to make good on their promise to report on last year’s DragonCon experience. Then, they review Kuroshitsuji II (Black Butler II) and Nodame Cantabille. Finally, William cracks open the box set of Saber Marionette J and its sequels for good or ill. We’re back and we plan on updating regularly, so leave us a comment and let us know what you want to hear!

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Flavor Text Podcast 002 – Durarara!!

William and Geneva tackle the high and low points of the Winter/Spring 2010 anime hit Durarara!! This is a full series discussion, so you might want to skip this episode to avoid spoilers (of which there are many). We conclude episode 2 with a short discussion about the impact of light novel adaptation on anime.

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The Evolving Process

After recording the first episode, Geneva and I listened to it several times. We’re the kind of people who strive to improve ourselves and we’re almost depressingly self-critical, so we immediately picked up on some of what we were doing wrong. As such, we tried to improve on the following in the second episode:

  • Breathing into the mic. Geneva’s mic boom is a little shorter than mine and as a result you could hear respiration. To solve this, she adjusted the placement. I think this had a negative impact on her volume, but that’ll be a fix for episode 3.
  • Ums/ers/stutters/dead air. We consciously tried to avoid these in episode 2 and I put in a fair bit of post editing, so hopefully this one flows a lot better than the first one.
  • Trailer clip interruptions. Our first feedback encouraged us to back off with these interruptions, so we held out for the Durarara episode. Miss them? Glad they’re gone? Let us know!
  • Coherency. We’ve actually recorded both of these entire episodes twice. Each time, the first episode ran significantly longer and we didn’t feel we were being succinct enough. We also feel like we do a better job of avoiding unnecessary details on the second recording, but by all means tell us if you want more details. Durarara has dozens of characters and we focused on only a few while discussing it. Would you have preferred more?

So what have we missed? What do we do that bothers you? We’re going to record episode 3 at a higher bitrate and through a process that should balance the levels between myself and Geneva, so hopefully the volume discrepancy will go away. Any feedback I get between now and recording will probably be incorporated, so please be as constructively critical as possible.

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